Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The discovery of Planet-X

A group Spanish astronomers have discovered a star that has been dubbed as "Planet-X" or "Nibiru", the discovery of this star is associated with space aliens and the doomsday prophecies of 2012.

"Our interest in Planet-X was first triggered by the writings of Zecharia Sitchin, whose translations and interpretations of the oldest known civilization, the Sumerians, gave us a cosmology that included what he called "The Twelfth Planet."

The Sumerians believed an alien race came to our planet and mined precious minerals. Sumerian architecture still stands today, great Ziggurats and temples which pay homage to their alien overlords. The Sumerians have been the cause of many investigations into the existence of aliens, of which no concrete evidence was ever concluded.

 Here's an interesting link-

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Is Lil Wayne Promoting Illuminati Symbolism?

Lil Wayne Illuminati conspiracy

It is obvious that Lil Wayne is trying to make a statement with all the Illuminati references and symbolism. The question is, is it purely innocent? what are his motives and is he a supporter or only trying to gain publicity? or is this down to his producers, with Lil Wayne being merely a puppet like his lyrics suggest?

"Man, fuck ya'll with a sick dick, Semi automatic no click click" 
"I gotta put that patch over my third eye, Slick Rick" 
"She give me brain, research, and I prefer, reefer" 
"Got so much coke, you gon' need another nose man" 
"And I just play my hand, but I am not the dealer" 
"You see I got them tear drops, I cry yo ass a river" 
"Got me in control, no strings attached, that's that voodoo"

My Homies Still - by Lil Wayne

Here is an interesting video I found on youtube-

What are his motives? you decide. 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

James Holmes and the Illuminati

I learned today that James Holmes' sister, Chris Holmes, is a singer who prior to the shooting was somewhat of a Youtube sensation. Although she has now removed all the videos from her channel. I looked up her name on Youtube and found this:

It's a song by Chris Holmes of Ashtar Command. The background of the video is an Illuminati pyramid. The description links to another song called "Deadman's Gun"

What does this mean? Maybe nothing, I just thought it was interesting. All comments are greatly appreciated. 

The Beast of Brooklyn

A mysterious creature washed up on the shores of Brooklyn bridge today. The creature resembles a pig with human like hands, spouting from its hairless limbs. The gruesome find has sparked an array of theories as to whether it is a giant water-logged rodent, a cooked pig, a swollen dog, or something more sinister. The photographer said: “The missing upper jaw makes it very difficult to identify and the lack of distinct canine teeth of the lower jaw is confusing.”

Some claim it could be related to the mystery "Montauk Monster", which confounded New Yorkers when it washed up at Ditch Plains beach in the exclusive Hamptons in July 2008. 

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